Recycling and Waste Management Industry

It has been given us the confidence and privilege to become one of the best of the leading companies in Turkey. We are confident with our responsibilities and everyday we are developing , researching the latest technology and machinery to improve ourselves and to continue to become the leading company of Turkey.

In Recycling Industries Since 1965

We chase and adapt to the rapidly evolving world of technology, as well as renewing our company produce equipment and machinery.

We provide our customer with prompt technical service and spear parts in accordance to our goal and continue to give importance to customer satisfaction.

Strategy is the Heart of What We Do

Because of our knowledge and experience for over four decades in the solid waste, all small and large scale industries find us to be dynamically enabled and an easy solution.
We specialized in MSW Sorting station, MRF sorting staiton, automatic horizontal Baling Machines, Shredding Machines, Conveyor Belts, separators, cyclones and Granulator, specific project and construction, manufacturing, installation, and providing technical services.
More large-scale investments in corrugated box and paper processing plants, scrap processing plants, municipal solid waste facilities, municipal waste separation facilities, medical waste sorting facilities, recycling facilities, such as car tire, we are serving in innovative and different projects.