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Ballistic Separator

The most important principal of our business is speed production, new innovative approach to our machine manufacturing, adopting the new technologies and customer satisfaction. And here is Ballistic Separator we produce with these principles…

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Ballistic Separator

Ballistic Separator is a mechanical sorting device with oscillating paddles that run the length of the sorting deck.






About Ballistic Separator

Ballistic separate has one input material stream into two or three fractions output. The big advantage of the ballistic separator in comparison to other separating devices is the combination of the sorting method in weight, dimension, density and form.


Model Options

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BS 10 BS 13 BS 20
Motor Power 7,5 X 2 kW 11 + 11 kW 11 + 11 kW
Pallet Width 2200 mm 2700 mm 3500 mm
Pallet Length 5000 mm 5000 mm 5000 mm
Screening Area 12 m² 15 m² 17,5 m²
Screening Angle 7-15° 7-15° 7-15°
Theoretical Capacity 65 m³ /h 80 m³ /h 100 m³ /h
Electric 400 V AC 400 V AC 400 V AC
Electric 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz

Technical Drawing

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Product Brochure

You can find all about our Ballistic Separator in our brochure. We wish you pleasant reviews.

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