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Finger Screen

The most important principal of our business is speed production, new innovative approach to our machine manufacturing, adopting the new technologies and customer satisfaction. And here is Finger Screen we produce with these principles…

Plan Machınery

Finger Screen

The Finger Screen is a vibratory screener which has one input stream materials and has two or more output fraction depends on the size and shape of the materials. 






About Finger Screen

Free flowing of the materials with vibration and at the end of the slop finger shape steel tube allows material flowing of the materials without any stoppage and vibration helps the small fraction fall through the holes of the screen. 
Finger screen is named after the shape of the steel tube which looks like finger.


Model Options

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FS 16 FS 20
Motor Power 15 kW 22 kW
Screen Width 1600 mm 2000 mm
Screen Length 5000 mm 5000 mm
Screen Hole Size 70 mmm 70 mm
Capacity 15 tons in a hour 26 tons in a hour
Electric 400 V AC 400 V AC
Electric 50 Hz 50 Hz

Technical Drawing

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You can find all about our Finger Screen in our brochure. We wish you pleasant reviews.

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