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Full Automatic Horizontal Baler

The most important principal of our business is speed production, new innovative approach to our machine manufacturing, adopting the new technologies and customer satisfaction. And here is Full Automatic Horizontal Baler we produce with these principles…

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Plan Machınery

Full Automatic Horizontal Baler

PAM Super series fully automatic baler provides a handful of advantages among the other baling machine manufacturers.






About Full Automatic Horizontal Baler

For over 20 years PAM automatic baling machine has been developed in many areas. For different capacity purpose PAM baler different model can suit and adopt efficiently.


Model Options

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Super 40Super 50Super 75Super 90Super 100Super 125Super 150Super 200
Motor Power1 x 18.5 kW1 x 22 kW 1 x 22 kW1 x 30 kW, 1 x 37 kW, 1 x 45 kW1 x 37 kW, 1 x 45 kW, 1 x 55 kW1 x 55 kW, 1 x 75 kW1 x 75 kW x 1 x 90 kW2 x 55 kW, 2 x 75 kW, 2 x 90 kW
Preesing ForceUp to Tons 45 TonsUp to Tons 55 TonsUp to Tons 75 TonsUp to Tons 99 TonsUp to Tons 99 TonsUp to Tons 125 TonsUp to Tons 145 TonsUp to Tons 200 Tons
Bale Size750 x 750 x Variable mm750 x 750 x Variable mm1100 x 750 x Variable mm1100 x 750 x Variable mm1100 x 750 x Variable mm1100 x 1100 x Variable mm1100 x 1100 x Variable mm1100 x 1100 x Variable mm
Cycle Time27 Sec21 Sec20 Sec22 Sec22 Sec19 Sec14,5 Sec9 Sec
Hopper Feeding Dimention900 x 630 mm900 x 630 mm1450 x 1020 mm1650 x 1020 mm1700 x 1020 mm1850 x 1020 mm1850 x 1020 mm2000 x 1020 mm
20 kg/m³ PET0,75
45 kg/m³ OCC1,2
60 kg/m³ Magazine2
20 kg/m³ PET1
45 kg/m³ OOC1,7
60 kg/m³ Magazine2,5
20 kg/m³ PET2
45 kg/m³ OOC4
60 kg/m³ Magazine6,5
20 kg/m³ PET3
45 kg/m³ OCC7
60 kg/m³ Magazine11
20 kg/m³ PET3,5
45 kg/m³ OCC8,5
60 kg/m³ Magazine13,5
20 kg/m³ PET8
45 kg/m³ OCC12
60 kg/m³ Magazine18
20 kg/m³ PET11
45 kg/m³ OCC19
60 kg/m³ Magazine30
20 kg/m³ PET20
45 kg/m³ OCC32
60 kg/m³ Magazine48
Bale Weight250 ~ 400 kg250 ~ 400 kg550 ~ 800 kg700 ~ 900 kg750 ~ 1000 kg750 ~ 1250 kg900 ~ 1250 kg900 ~ 1500 kg
Number of Wire Tie4 Nr4 Nr4 Nr4 Nr4 Nr5 Nr5 Nr5 Nr
Oil Tank Capacity700 Lt700 Lt1000 Lt1400 Lt1400 Lt2000 Lt2800 Lt3500 Lt

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Product Brochure

You can find all about our Full Automatic Horizontal Baler in our brochure. We wish you pleasant reviews.

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