Paper And Plastic Baling

Nowadays recycling is the rapidly emerging sector. Every day new companies involving in this sector concerning the future to be very profitable. If you already invest in this sector or are considering starting a business in this sector will surely be a winner. Because our experience in this sector and capabilities of manufacturing various machineries specially automatic press balers, shredder & conveyors will help you to do so. Cardboard Shredding Machines, Conveyors, Paper Baling Presses are main products to build a paper recycling facilities. In this way, you can tackle the problem of paper recycling which is hard and difficult to baling cardboard, confidential invoices, documents, books or PET products such as plastic bottles, car bumper or even the waste plastic bins can be press and bale by reducing 85% volume using conveyor, pet perforator and Baling press machine. The only thing you need to do is to contact with us and our experienced staff will design and evaluate your project.